Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Yes, we still have a blog..."
Seems like I haven't posted in a while. Yep, that's obvious; most of what used to go here is now on Twitter. So I'm trying to figure how best to use the resource.
In the next few days, you'll see some on-line book reviews that I pitched in my "Race-Talk" program of July 22. The publisher links will be on the main site links page ( I'll be reviewing titles from my kumotre (Polish for friend) Jerry Bonkowski (whom you hear occasionally on SiriusXM Channel 90) and some other assorted NASCAR and Formula One titles. The idea here is to keep it short so you will go to the library or better yet, download it to your Kindle, or (gasp!) buy the dead tree version to see what I found in the book.
This is a work in progress. Listener/reader comment is always solicited; computer spam (not SPAM, a product of Hormel Foods) is not solited or tolerated.