Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Episode 1050 of Radio-Road-Test

Since January 28, 1993, I've produced and hosted a radio program called "Radio-Road-Test", which is simply a program of driving impressions of American and foreign cars and light trucks.  The first vehicle was a Buick LeSabre.  Here is a picture of our 1050th vehicle, the BMW 535d:
The data for this, and road tests dating back to 2003, are available from the msrpk.com listener page, as is the ability to listen to the most recent episode of Radio-Road-Test.  The msrpk.com audio archive page allows you to download milestone programs and programs from this and the past test year.  Radio-Road-Test is also available as an RSS feed; the listener page has the link for that feed.  Comments are always welcome.

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