Thursday, January 03, 2013

Race-Talk, 4/1/1988-1/25/2013


We've not posted here in a while...that's going to change as I downsize my business to concentrate on the "Radio-Road-Test" program, which is available from our audio archive( ), or by podcast from this link:  ).

The media landscape, advancing age, and the economic uncertainty nudged me to start thinking about semi-retirement after the election.  When I found that I could not sell enough national advertising in Race-Talk to cover travel after November 6, ( travel's the biggest expense in covering all forms of auto racing), that sealed the deal.

So my broadcast of January 25th, will be the last "Race-Talk" broadcast from Motor Sports Radio.  It'll also be the last time I talk about auto racing on the radio for a while--perhaps forever.

I shall miss the people I met along the way and I shall miss the challenges of trying to distill 4 hours of racing into 35 or fewer seconds into network radio reports for award winning organizations like CBS Radio News.  I'll never quit being a newsman...but won't be actively following auto racing events.  You may likely find me at major American auto shows...or on the road enjoying retirement on my schedule...and not traveling to conform to a schedule made in Daytona Beach, Indianapolis, Pomona or Paris.

Thanks to all of you who listened throughout the years.