Wednesday, October 08, 2014 just about back to normal operations; contest in future?

Our domain transfer was finally approved overnight; I've uploaded 90 per cent of the site to our new host, and will, by the end of the week, restore the playback functions on our Radio-Road-Test listener page to full operation.  They may work with last week's episode in the interim. 

Access for our affiliated over the air radio stations will also likely be restored over the weekend and also our RSS feeds of Radio-Road-Test.  I'll leave the affected programs from the past couple of weeks in the podcast playlist so you don't miss one. 

Also, if you followed the Twitter feed, you saw a tweet that might suggest that we were about to have a contest.  I'm working on the details and hope to announce them once the partner (a car care product company) signs off on what we want to do.

Thanks for listening, whether over the air, on line or by RSS/podcast.

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